Frequently Asked Questions

At Prestigious Pioneers, increasing student achievement and success are our main objectives. We work with students to not only strengthen their subject comprehension but also help students acquire key learning skills and boost their confidence levels. Our tutoring services provide students with the attention that they would not receive in a crowded and traditional classroom environment. This helps students who struggle to stay focused, be challenged or have unique learning needs.

Please call (832) 224-9222 or complete the contact form below to have one of our representatives reach out to you.

Prestigious Pioneers currently offers online only services. Online tutoring offers more flexibility and convenience than in-person tutoring. Students do not need to travel and can enjoy learning from the comfort of their own homes.

We offer both one to one and group tutoring sessions. While one-to-one tutoring offers personalized learning plans, group tutoring focuses on the overall improvement of all students. Please note that we offer discounted rates for group sessions. Please call (832) 242-9222 to learn about these rates.

Please call (832) 242-9222 or complete the contact form below to have a representative reach out to you. We are fully committed to the success of every student, so we encourage clients to contact us directly with any and all questions or concerns.

We offer services in a wide variety of subject areas. Our most popular subjects include English, Writing, Grammar, ESL and Math.

We offer flexible tutoring hours which are tailored for the needs of each student. During your initial consultation, the Consultant will discuss scheduling needs and work with families to determine the best schedule for services.


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